ABOUT Matthew Gunn & Jacqui Brown – Lynn And Brown

Family Lawyer


We’ve changed the way we lawyer. At Lynn & Brown Lawyers, we work with you on a strategy to achieve your desired outcome, all the while keeping to a fixed price that you have agreed on upfront. We offer our clients transparency, timely outcomes and clarity over costs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Family Law
  • Wills & Deceased Estates

Points of Difference

  • Fixed Legal Fees
  • Price certainty: Our proposal will set out exactly what you have to pay and when, this will allow you to budget for your legal expenses and there will never be a surprise bill.
  • Transparency: Clarity over costs which have been agreed up front
  • Timely outcomes: We value your need for a swift and positive resolution to your matter.
  • Collaboration: Involving our clients in the legal process, giving you greater control.
  • Better communication: You will not be charged for every phone call made or every email sent. The agreed price includes all of that. You can pick up the phone and speak with your lawyer without fear of extra charges.


“The team at Lynn & Brown lawyers have provided my business with regular legal advice over the last 4 years; and I have found their costs, legal expertise, turnaround time and attention to detail exemplary in all my dealings with them and I would have no hesitation in recommending the team for any legal matter.”

We Joined Facilit8 Because

We believe in the power of developing strong networking relationships where we can each benefit from each other’s professional knowledge and services. It gives us an opportunity to better service our clients by being able to refer them to a reliable network of professionals and hopefully create meaningful relationships in the long run.