1. Only one person from each business/industry is approved to join Facilit8. The Facilit8 membership manager who resides on the committee will process each application and approve your membership based on your criteria. Should there be a conflict of industry or occupation then the membership manager will bring this to the committee for final approval.
  2. Members when selecting their industry must only represent that product(s) or service(s) offering and not discuss or promote other business interests.
  3. Facilit8 run three breakfast meetings a month which run for 90 minutes and members must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the meeting to assist in the setup. Members are required to stay for the entire meeting, however, should they need to leave promptly then as long as this has no effect on their tasks or duty assigned to them can do so.
  4. Attendance is critical to the success of the entire group and members must attend every breakfast during the month. Should this not be possible then a member may organise
    a credible substitute to the meeting. This may be a colleague, associate or business contact to perform their role that week.
  5. Members are allowed 3 absences every 6 months and must notify the membership manager and committee. Should the member be absent over the nominated time then their industry or business specialty shall no longer be locked in. Members can approach the committee and discuss this in person and submit a form stating the extenuating
  6. Guests may attend a particular Facilit8 group’s breakfast meeting twice every 6 months, any further attendance will require them to become a member.
  7. Leaves of absence without a replacement/substitute can be approved by the committee when health, personal loss or extenuating business challenges exist. The member must
    liaise with the membership manager and fill out the associated form. It is the discretion of the committee to approve and or open up the category should applicant not be able to fulfill their attendance longer terms or the outcome is not beneficial to the member and group.
  8. Members may communicate any concerns with the membership manager and or committee where there is a conflict of interest in the group. Facilit8 will provide a range
    of forms to members online to fill out and send through to make any official statement or concerns. It is, however, Facilit8’s policy to meet with our members face to face first and assist however we can to ensure the best outcomes for all members.
  9. Facilit8 Members contact details are not to be distributed or added to your business marketing lists without the consent of both the contact/business and approval of the Facilit8 committee.
  10. Membership fees are prepaid each month.
  11. Invoices will be issued in the middle of the month with payment due the first of the following month.
  12. This online merchant is located in Australia
  13. Refund Policy:
    1. In the case of an event cancellation your tickets can be fully refunded to you. You must provide us with your bank account details for us to be able to do so.
    2. Alternatively, if you have booked an event and Facilit8 cancelled this event, you may hold credit for a future event. This is entirely your choice
    3. In the case of an event not being cancelled and you’re unable to attend the event, there will be no refund issued as we are still booking a seat for you on that particular day.
  14. Dispatch Policy:
    1. After purchasing the event ticket you will receive an email confirmation. This can be considered your ticket, however, you will not need to bring this along with you.
    2. All ticket purchases will be recorded and names are kept at the door for visitors to check off.
    3. In the case of multiple tickets being purchased under one name, the person whose credit card was used to make the transaction has the discretion to allocate these tickets to any guests or members of their choosing.