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Connecting businesses through value-driven events
for our members

Business Networking Events in Perth

Facilit8 is a member-focused organisation dedicated to putting together events that create genuine referral relationships.

By capping membership numbers, we can focus on building high-quality groups with synergies allowing us to attract high-quality members.

Our Purpose

Facilit8 is a Member focused business networking organisation that facilitates an event environment where you can:

  1. Develop and support relationships
  2. Share expertise, ideas and industry trends
  3. Generate referrals
  4. Grow your business

East Victoria Park Business Networking Group
Joondalup Business Networking Group
Mount Hawthorn Business Networking Group
North Perth Business Networking Group

How Our Professional Networking Groups Work

3 Structured Breakfasts per month (Group exclusive)
1 Casual Sundowner every two months (All groups together)

We help you to build new business relationships and expand your referral network.



A Big Thanks To Our Sponsors

Our Networking Events



We host three breakfast events per group every single month. These boardroom type meetings are designed for strategic and roundtable discussions.

As a member you’ll enjoy exclusivity for your industry spot at these meetings.



For our sundowners we bring together all of our groups for a more relaxed event designed to facilitate the forming of more interpersonal relationships.

Great for bringing along guests, colleagues, and clients as a treat, as well as to introduce them to the people you do business with.

Featured Members

Get Involved – Come Along

We host three professionally run boardroom-type breakfasts each month and one sundowner every two months, to help you build genuine connections.

Get involved with Facilit8 and develop relationships that are built on connections, not traffic lights.


Our Vision

To be Australia's #1 member-focussed networking organisation for established small businesses and growing companies.

Our Mission

Connect organisations and their people to build better referral relationships through sharing knowledge, industry expertise, experiences, and shared values.