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Cognito are specialists is the alignment of business leadership and organisational design to free time for the leaders to thrive, achieve purpose, multiply profit, maintain heathy productive teams with personal and organisational respect and integrity.

How do we do it:
We are experts in organisational analysis and the development of collaborative optimisation approaches that align the 3 spheres that each business must optimise to multiply their outcomes. Work and organisations are more complex today more than ever. More and more co-designed and coactive practices are required to do it well. This is our expertise, we thrive in complexity because we understand it from a behavioural, psychological, organisational and leaders’ perspective. We are not generalists we are specialists of complexity and solving what others seldom can.

As experts in the three spheres combined with 30 years’ experience, holding masters’ levels research qualifications and vast experience in executive learning, teaching, training, coaching and mentoring (and yes there is a fundamental difference between each skill and knowledge base) we individually craft the support you and your business to thrive.

Our team of 3 is made up of specialist who have all run several multimillion (30+) dollar organisations, led a staff more than 150 staff and have been highly successful in the achievement of purpose, time, personally and financially. We have all built teams that are highly engaged with strong retention and growth and taught our emerging leaders to do the same. No one represents Cognito unless they are specialists in self-leadership holding vibrant leaders’ mindset, highly skilled in leading others, humble and know what and why they are successful and specialists in complex organisational design.

Business Consultancy

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As somebody who historically has been highly skeptical of business coaches and consultants, I was blown away by what Brad brought to the table for our organisation. What seemed to be a complete mess for us to sort out, he was able to come in, clarify and list any issues, and then give us a step-by-step plan, with milestones, on how we are going to resolve the issues we needed to overcome to allow us to take the next step in business and really scale up. I would 100% recommend every business owners at least has a chat with Brad, they owe themselves that much.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive coaching, mentoring, teaching and training. (Yes there is a significant difference between each on 😊)
  • Specialists in the alignment of leading, organisational design and mind frames
  • Expert in organisational analysis leading to bespoke coaching, mentoring, training and teaching driven optimisation.
  • Solving the problems no one else can or wants too.

Points of Difference

  • We unlock the potential of leaders, and the team multiplier effect so more can be achieved with less.


  • Our expertise in behavioural science, psychology, organisational design, analysis, teaching, coaching allows us to create responses to client needs that can solve problems others are incapable of.


  • We address the actual needs of the clients, develop bespoke alignment processes not sell off the shelf prepared programs that we convince you will help


  • All our consultants have successfully several multimillion-dollar organisations, proven capacity to solve complex organisational issues, overcome complex issues to build successful, profitable businesses and most importantly are experts at building leaders who have taken over and grown our visions. Not only have we all done it in real life we are experts in training others to thrive.


  • We give leaders the skills and organisational design that allows them the freedom to take the holidays they want and feel the professional respect the deserve.

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