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Solomon Hollett Lawyers deliver a wide range of legal services and solutions to help our clients get ahead. We provide informed, rational and commercially sound advice matched with first-class legal representation tailored to each client’s needs and situation.

Put simply; we do exceptional work for top clients, and we love what we do.

Our legal services include commercial, business law, contract law, minor criminal law, finance, estate planning, inheritance claims, trusts, estate planning and probate, deceased estates, power of attorney, restraining orders, dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration and mediation.

We pride ourselves on our extensive legal experience and our strong client and commercial focus, our intelligent and creative solutions and our first class legal representation

Wills & Estate Lawyer

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I can’t recommend Solomon Hollett Lawyers enough. The entire team are such a family run easy going group. No pressure.

Areas of Expertise

I am a dedicated estates lawyer, experienced in both estate planning and the management of deceased estates on behalf of clients.

In the estate planning space, I enjoy working closely with my client’s financial advisors and accountants to develop tailored plans for both personal and business succession needs.

I have also had significant experience in obtaining grants of probate and administration from the Supreme Court, with specific experience in obtaining grants of probate of informal (eg improperly executed or drafted) wills.

I have a strong interest in helping to avoid and manage estate disputes. I have helped clients achieve positive outcomes in family provision claims, assisted in proving wills when there are doubts over capacity and have negotiated resolutions in disputes between executors and beneficiaries.

Ultimately I am focused on making a real connection with my clients and their advisors and providing an efficient and down-to earth service.

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